The Abandoned Ones Book Jacket

This book began in a brown suitcase, handed to me by my father, Joseph Matasovsky, toward the end of his life, with the instructions, “This should be published...”

Inside this suitcase were documents revealing the tragic story of Slovakia's Spis and Orava regions, located on the northern border between Slovakia and Poland. The letters and documents, from 1919–1948, bring alive the tumult and the protests that occurred when villages in these areas, with 30,000 Slovak residents, were awarded Poland after World War I and yet again after World War II.

This collection of letters and first-hand reports tells a compelling story of the desire for freedom. It details the courage and persistence of the Slovaks in Spis and Orava, and the Slovak-Americans in the United States who organized and maintained a strong international advocacy compaign on their behalf for two decades.

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