Our Philosophy

On Life, Love, and Loot.

The Abandoned Ones was founded in 2009 with a mission to create a social, friendly, drama-free experience for casual and family-oriented raiders. We are a fun-loving adult guild whose members pride themselves on being helpful and friendly; over the years, our small size and emphasis on good chemistry has led to the tight-knit group we enjoy today. We have a longstanding core of leaders and members who are always looking to improve the guild in new ways.

Maintaining a solid team atmosphere is very important to us; we like to socialize during, before and after raids - even during off days. Guild members all know one another; but regardless of our close-knit atmosphere we have no problem welcoming newer members to our guild and making them feel like they are part of the team.


Our raid team has a core of knowledgeable, friendly players who are not only looking to improve themselves, but the people around them. We are firm believers in player development, and will help players improve their knowledge and performance in any way possible.

We raid Mondays and Wednesdays from 8pm - 10pm server (CST), and expect members to be online and ready for summons by 8 p.m. sharp. We expect team members to attend whenever possible, but understand that real life happens; all we ask is that you give notice via the in-game calendar. Excessive absences, especially without notice, may be cause for removal from raiding activities. It's possible that raids will be extended if we know we can get a boss down in "one more pull."

All raid team members are required to use TeamSpeak, DBM/Big Wigs, and GTFO. Most of us use ElvUI as well, though UI-replacement add ons are not a requirement.


We award all loot on the basis of main-spec need over greed, with a limit of one drop per evening (unless you are the only person to need).

Our goal is to distribute loot in a way that best serves the guild from a progression standpoint, and encourage players to research and understand their "Best in Slot" pieces.

All epic Bind on Equip gear dropped in raids will be auctioned, with proceeds going to the guild bank.


You. You've got what we neeeed.
Current Needs
Heals: none
Melee: feral druid, warrior
Ranged: shadow priest
Recruiting Process
We do not believe in free-for-all recruiting, as this helps maintain our great guild chemistry. Anyone interested in joining our raid team is welcome to contact us here, or reach out to an officer in-game. New recruits will experience a trial membership for approximately 2 weeks, in which 100% attendance is expected, and loot will be rewarded as outlined above. After your trial period ends, you will also be eligible for guild repairs.